Church With A 2 Drink Minimum 2019

at Don't Tell Mama 343 W 46th St (btwn 8th & 9th Ave-Manhattan NYC)

all event times 3pm-4:30pm. $5 cover, 2 drink minimum, Love offering for charity, please tip your server generously, CASH ONLY

Reservations encouraged for these 2019 dates:

CLICK HERE for April 21: Easter
CLICK HERE for May 12: Mother's Day.

Your Interfaith Interspiritual God Optional Trans-tastic Celebration of Life- Church With A 2 Drink Minimum 2019 has moved to Don't Tell Mama 343 W 46th St (between 8th & 9th Ave-Manhattan NYC) all event times 3pm-4:30pm.

New Venue-new venue policies:
$5 cover -we now have a room charge so we have to charge a small cover to help pay for the room.
2 drink minimum -you can have soda-but you must order 2 of them.
CASH ONLY- If you have 2 sodas and nothing else, you can expect to pay around $ the $5 cover. Alcoholic drinks are priced about the same as any Manhattan bar or club.

This historic venue has reached out to us because Sidewalk Cafe has new owners and is closing their music room for now. This venture at Don't Tell Mama will be an upgrade (better sound, better piano, better lights, and special effects) and a more expensive venture for our team. We are committed to you having an AMAZING experience at a VERY low cover charge ($5) at all events. There will be a mandatory 2 drink minimum and also a food menu available:  Reservations encouraged and all bills to be paid in cash.
Thank you so much for your love and support. If you have ANY questions at all-email me


Pics from March 17, 2019:


Carly Ozard-Oliva and Rev. Yolanda        Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway and Rev. Yolanda


The $5 cover charge is my way of keeping Church With A 2 Drink Minimum accessible to all, but it doesn't cover all of the expenses that the club charges us to have our event there... therefore... I have launched my Patreon account to ask for your support of Church w/a 2 Drink Minimum. Think of it as our "building fund" LOL... our new Church building is Don't Tell Mama! Many of you who don't live in NYC can now participate in Church via Patreon and the video posts and such that I'll be doing. Please consider joining our Church With A 2 Drink Minimum team:

Rev. Yolanda​-Singer Songwriter Interfaith Minister,
Rev. Glen Ganaway​-Interfaith Minister/Speaker/Integral Mentor

The Golden Vocals of Sister Doreen Younglove​,
Goddess of Song- Carly Ozard-Oliva
Master of All Things Musical- Philip Carroll​,
Storyteller Goddess- Mercedes Herman​,
and the Ever Fabulous Hostess/Storyteller/Drag Artiste Extraordinaire Lady D*D* aka Stephen Dunford,​

Singer Songwriter Multi Instrumentalist and Glamazon Tranimal Feathers The Wise
plus percussionist Robin Daniels.

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to support Church With A 2 Drink Minimum at Don't Tell Mama!


our latest endorsement from PRIDE MINISTRY

"We went to Church with a 2 Drink Minimum in NYC for the first time this weekend. It. Was. AWESOME."

"Rev. Yolanda and her spiritual circle of AMAZING singers, storytellers, clergy, and musicians made for a profoundly moving, heartwarming, and inspiring interfaith, God-optional service.

PrideMinistry is going to have a field trip there when the Right Reverend Yolanda is back on the pulpit this Spring. Will post details in a few weeks. Come join us there for a truly affirming spiritual, community, and worship experience. "

-RevDeb PrideMinistry

We're baaaaaaack for more Church on Mar. 17 St. Paddy's Day, April 21 Easter, May 12 Mother's Day, 2019.


June July August-we take a Summer break, and back in Fall 2019 (dates TBA).


-It's Church-It's music-It's Trans-tastic Church Lady Realness-It's Brunch-

It's a celebration of LIFE!

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-It's Church-It's Music-It's Trans-tastic Church Lady Realness-It's Brunch-It's A Celebration of Life!


Join Rev. Yolanda, Rev. Glen Ganaway (, and the Church With A 2 Drink Minimum team as we sing together, laugh, have brunch and celebrate life with inspirational music and message. We are an Interfaith spiritual gathering- welcoming all paths and traditions. We will feature music from many walks of life and encourage you to sing a long- as well as feature original inspirational music by Rev. Yolanda and guests and be inspired with storytelling by our team, and a wisdom message by Rev. Glen.


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"Think that church has to be boring? Think again!" -Rev. Paul Dodenhoff, Unitarian Universalists of the Palisades, NJ.


Rev. Glen Ganaway and Rev. Yolanda



"We are planning...our interfaith spring break trip this March...

and would LOVE to bring our crew back to your Church with a Two Drink Minimum. It was seriously the highlight of (last year's) trip: it sparked beautiful sticky messy vulnerable liberating conversation for us and is still referenced often by those in our department." 

-Carrie Seigler professor of Interfaith Studies, Elon University, NC.






Pics from Church With A 2 Drink Minimum at The Winter Is A Drag Ball 2018 in Burlington VT.